With the launch of Apple's email relay system, as some people call it, or email proxy system, or random email addresses in a nutshell, privacy is taking a turn for the better. We're very excited by this!

Ever since we started Burner Mail, our goal was for our users to be protected against privacy breaches and annoying promotional emails. As we're happy to know that Apple will provide its users with an extra layer of protection for their personal email addresses, we can't help but notice that with Sign in with Apple, you're stuck with iCloud Mail. Essentially, you're stuck in the Apple ecosystem, which may or may not be a good thing. We prefer having the liberty of choice, which is why Burner Mail works with any email provider out there. We're curious to see how Sign in with Apple will shape the future of web and mobile.

In the meantime, we've comprised a short comparison between Sign in with Apple's email system and Burner Mail: